Kiss The Cow Quiche


8 pre-baked mini pie crusts

3 Eggs

½ cup Milk

Some grated Jack Cheese

Some grated Cheddar Cheese

A little bit of soft Goat Cheese, if desired

A little bit of chopped Ham, if desired


Ask an adult to help you pre-bake the pie shells for 8 minutes at 375.  That way you won’t have a soggy crust!

Break the eggs into a bowl with a spout.  Add the milk.  Whisk thoroughly.  Put the ham into the bottom of the shell.  Sprinkle whatever kind of cheese you like on top.  Don’t pat it down and don’t fill it too full.  Leave room for the egg.  Put on a cookie sheet.  Pour in egg mixture to the top.  Bake @ 375 for 25-30 minutes.  Makes 8 individual quiches.

Variation:  Substitute chopped broccoli for the ham.

Skills:  Cracking eggs, whisking eggs, pouring, filling, sprinkling

Equiptment: whisk, medium bowl, baking sheet