About Kids Cook!

“I like cooking because it’s fun. I like the mixing and watching it cook.”
Nasreen – age 10


Kids Cook! is a Little Rock based cooking school.  Our mission is to teach a wide variety of kitchen skills and to provide children with hands-on kitchen experience.  Healthy eating habits, along with sleep and exercise, are the foundation of a healthy life style.  We promote nutritious, economical recipes and we instill confidence in kids, all in an exciting, fun, safe environment.  At Kids Cook! we encourage kids to cook with a wide variety of ingredients and to taste a wide variety of foods.

Basic Premises for Kids

At Kids Cook! our first premise is that anything that kids make themselves is going to be healthier than candy, soda and chips. Our second premise is that kids are much more likely to eat and like things that they have made themselves. If they begin to take some responsibility for their part in making the food, they become part of the family food creative process instead of an onlooker whose only power is the veto.

What we notice with kids we have taught is that if we ask them if they like something, they almost automatically say “No, I don’t like that.” But after they make something themselves they will try it and often will like it after all. And they will try anything they have made themselves.

We believe that the path to cooking and baking satisfaction is through good recipes, recipes that are resilient, recipes that really work. The recipes that we use at Kids Cook! have been gathered from many places and many sources. What they have in common is that they have been tested and adapted and tested and adapted until they meet our standards for teaching to others: non-complex process to prepare, using unusual, seasonal, fresh and, as much as possible, local ingredients.

We believe that there is no substitute for just doing it, except eating of course, so our classes are “from scratch” and totally “hands on”.

Finally, please contact us if you need help! We are always happy to talk further about what works and what doesn’t work. And we love questions!


“I really liked learning to make this myself.”
Jade – age 9